Why we should win the Columbus Trophy


Smokey Goodness BBQ Catering CrewIt takes balls to give up your permanent contract in times that unemployment figures are breaking all records. It requires guts to invest all your savings in a catering concept whilst the enduring crisis has brought the water to the lips of many Dutch caterers, and it takes a whole lot of courage and conviction to invest in expensive durable ingredients and charities when all others focus on lowering their prices. Is it me being foolish or will my strong believe that quality, durability and an elevated experience out win price in the long run going to prove me right? My name is Jord Althuizen and I created Smokey Goodness to create a unique bbq catering experience in Europe and help other hospitality companies to improve theirs.
Smokey Goodness BBQ Catering CrewLoaded with a multitude of hospitality related work experience and a firm conviction that bbq catering in the Netherlands had a lot to improve I quit my job as a culinary editor for an on line food and trend magazine and focused on the realization of a quality bbq catering concept. From the ground up I handcrafted a concept building a unique smoker, festival stands, original buffets and mouthwatering menu’s to showcase the beauty of cooking on real fire and true hospitality experiences. Like Columbus the road to success has taken me through rough seas with personal and business challenges to overcome. Times are harsh when you are faced with the fact that your concept requires an incredible amount of painstaking labor and long days and profits can be slim. But like a true explorer can rely on his compass I have my determination that navigates me towards my set goal: converting the majority of the sober and Calvinistic Dutch into food loving enthusiasts that choose an authentic food experience above a lower priced illusion of what it should be. Whether it is with the much appraised bbq from Smokey Goodness, photos, video’s, consultancy work or culinary competitions made and organized via my second company Crave Concepts & Communications, all my efforts are geared towards enriching and passing on culinary emotions.

Smokey Goodness BBQ Catering @ NeyenrodeI sincerely hope that the jury of the Columbus Trophy can distill from the provided documents the required efforts, determination and daring decisions it has taken to create the innovative Smokey Goodness concept. A concept that successfully operates in the core of the hospitality industry providing good food, shareable moments and enriched experiences. Smokey Goodness has grown into a beacon of success in the enduring economic turbulent times that has hit many restaurant, caterer and hotel. The assignment of the Columbus Trophy would allow our light to shine further and help inspiring others to keep their focus on delivering qualitative hospitality experiences. After all, without those providing food, drinks and a hospitable environment no hospitality supplier, product developer or internet entrepreneur would have a company to provide their services to.

May the smoke be with you,
Jord Althuizen

Bovenstaande is onze motivatiebrief gericht aan de jury van de #columbustrophy. Een award voor een innovatief horecaconcept of ondernemer. Bekijk hier meer informatie: http://www.columbustrophy.eu/

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