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Operational Excellence internship stage

Operational Excellence Internship / stage

In 2015 Smokey Goodness made a great start together with a team of interns to create structure and a set of standards to further develop the back office of our catering company. This was much needed due to the rapid growth of our activities and the ambition to keep growing. The Operational Excellence internship will continue on this path with a strong focus on optimizing the back office and the actual execution of our catering activities. A few examples of focus are: lean purchasing, efficient staff planning, work activities planning, the collection and relay of needed business information and the internal communication within our team of enthusiasts. This is an internship for an ambitious intern with an appetite for challenging the status quo and affection for maximizing results and revenue.

General Internship tasks:

After a 4-week introduction period in which the intern will get familiar with current operations, tasks and responsibilities will include:

Analysis of the status quo:
  • Determining key figures such as productivity, staffing ratio, purchasing ratio;
  • Determining current work procedures and the status of new s.o.p. implementation
  • Identifying business and procedure elements that can be further improved on.
Implementing S.O.P.’s and new strategies:
  • Continue the implementation of existing s.o.p.’s.
  • Aid with setting up a foodbook, sales list, ordering system with suppliers and prep lists.
Setting up a management information system:
  • Create a management information system providing management with a monthly cockpit view on key figures.
  • Together with management make adjustments in daily operations to further maximize gross profits and employee satisfaction.
Daily Operations:
  • Partake in catering activities at large assignments, festivals and promotions.
  • Perform as a leader during festival and event catering.
  • Dishes, yes an intern will actually do dishes as well!

Internship Candidate Profile & Practical Information:

For this challenging internship position we are seeking for an HBO schooled candidate from diverse backgrounds (hotelmanagement, Marketing, business school, etc.) Feel like you are up for the task? Check underneath for additional candidate requirements and our rewards.

The ideal intern has:
  • A fascination for cooking on fire
  • A drivers license
  • A passion for developing and improving food and beverage concepts
  • A hands on attitude
  • An interest in learning how to analyze current business procedures and using a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to improve these
  • Experience with catering and or restaurant businesses
  • No fear for long days (we are talking long workdays at festivals!)
  • The understanding that F&B happens in the weekends
  • A desire for an internship that consists of both strategic development as well as hands on practical experience
  • A sense of humor
  • Cooking experience
  • A ‘can do’ attitude
Practical information:
  • Start is ASAP
  • The office is located in Delft
  • The interns workdays are determined in mutual agreement but might include working on weekends
  • The internship allowance is €400,- a month (after taxes)
  • Lunch (and dinner on long workdays) are on the house
  • There are options to stay on board after the internship period when both parties want to move forward.


So this is something for you? Well then give us a call at +31 (0)6 28 62 79 56 or send us an email at info@smokeygoodness.nl