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Leadership Excellence Internship

Personal Assistant & Leadership Excellence Internship / stage

With the multitude of companies, rapidly growing activities and never ending stream of requests it is hard to stay on top of things singlehandedly. To cope with all incoming information, tasks at hand and the increasing need for structure a position in the form of Personal Assistant has created. In this function the Intern will assist with a multitude of tasks deriving from various business lines on all levels of running a small hospitality holding. By working side tot side with Jord the intern will be challenged to not only keep up with the high energy filled long days but also with the execution of managerial tasks required to actually run the holding. In this position the Intern will get up close and personal and accompany Jord on a daily basis with his meetings, presentations and daily tasks.

Company Oversight:

Smokey Goodness BBQ Catering

Smokey Goodness BBQ Internship stageWe are a young catering company storming the bbq scene. After five fun years Smokey Goodness is picking up the pace and hard on its way of becoming the leading brand for authentic bbq food on location. The Smokey Goodness concept is based on three principles: quality, durability and an authentic experience. Quality for us means not taking any short cuts: we work with the best quality products and cook them according to the time consuming low and slow bbq techniques. That this can take up to 16 hours is something we are proud of! We aim to be as sustainable as we can: we cook our free range meats on carefully chosen charcoal and wood, serve it on biodegradable disposables and donate pigs to poor Thai families via our charity www.giveapig.com. With the biggest bbq-smokers, vintage food truck, our unusual cuts of meat, tough bbq-chefs and authentic presentation we strive to give our guests the ultimate bbq experience and with success! Our references give positive chills as you read them. The fact that we are capable of selling 1.000 killo of quality meat in one day at a rock festival helps with credentials to. 

The Rough Kitchen

The Rough Kitchen internship stageAfter the success of Smokey Goodness the business portfolio of Jord Althuizen has been expanded with The Rough Kitchen concept. Within one your, together with culinary journalist and Masterchef jury member Marcus Polman, three outlets were opened in Amsterdam, Scheveningen and Zaandam. Each offering a unique blend of authentic bbq dishes prepared on wood fired bbq’s and smokers and a selection of Holland’s finest meat delicacies obtained from carefully selected suppliers. Discover more about this carnivorous concept on www.theroughkitchen.nl

The Rough Chef

grillmasters jord stage internshipThe rapid growing success of both Smokey Goodness and The Rough Kitchen has always drawn attention from both the press and the public. This has lead to another company focusing on reaching out to the growing public becoming more enthusiastic for the authentic preparation of quality meats. With the TV debut on RTL4’s Grillmasters and the release of Smokey Goodness – The Ultimate BBQ Book the first media publications are a fact. In 2016 more media productions will follow.

Jord Althuizen – Entrepeneur

jord althuizen stage internshipAfter graduating from the Hotelschool The Hague Jord has fulfilled various roles in the hospitality sector: Head Chef, Restaurant Manager, Concept Developer and Managing Editor at the renowned Food Inspiration initiative. All this has lead up to the start of his own companies Smokey Goodness and Crave Concepts & Communications in 2010. Within a short period of time the daring entrepreneurial style of Jord, combatting the financial crisis, got recognized by the hospitality industry. In 2014 Jord was awarded with the INCH Durf Dupont Prize (for daring entrepreneurship) The Columbus Trophy (for most innovative hospitality concept in Europe) and Hotello of the Year 2014 (for great ambassadorship of the Hotello’ism).

Currently Jord is at the helm of various companies: Smokey Goodness, The Rough Kitchen, The Rough Chef and Crave Concepts & Communications. With each company rapidly growing both in sales as in products and services things are moving forward rapidly and the need for support equally increases.

General Internship tasks:

After a 4-week introduction period in which the intern will get familiar with current operations, tasks and responsibilities will include:

Administrative support:
  • Handling incoming requests via phone, email and social media.
  • Managing the agenda and incoming meeting requests, appointments and to do’s.
  • Make minutes of held meetings and facilitate follow up.
  • Perform various financial tasks including sending out invoices, paying bills and salaries.
  • Aiding in the realization of a financial cockpit allowing management to instantly view current key figures in various business lines.
  • Cost control: checking invoices with delivery notes, sourcing alternative suppliers, checking employee hours with made schedules and paying them out.
  • Setting up a fail-safe invoice system in our online accounting software.
  • Continue our social media activities (twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and maximize peer interaction.
  • Create a quality photo portfolio of our products and services with leading photographers. Make your own photos and videos with our own professional equipment and create an online presence and community.
  • Plan, construct and organize a €o,- out of the box guerrilla marketing activity.
  • Upgrade our current website and introduce a web shop section on our site.
Leadership Tasks:
  • Co creating a safe and healthy work environment in all business lines.
  • Making training content and actually give training to staff members (work instructions, S.O.P. explanations’).
  • Assisting in bringing all business lines in terms with the arbo and RI&E guidelines
  • Source suppliers, negotiate terms and conditions and oversee the production of new equipment.
  • Involved in quality control in all business lines and the creation of solutions continuously improving quality.
  • Together with business managers conduct sales for all business lines by assisting the marketing department, create and follow up proposals and actively source new opportunities.

Internship Candidate Profile & Practical Information:

For this challenging internship position we are seeking for an HBO schooled candidate from diverse backgrounds (hotelmanagement, Marketing, business school, etc.) Feel like you are up for the task? Check underneath for additional candidate requirements and our rewards.

The ideal intern has:
  • A driver’s license (is a must!)
  • A passion for developing and improving food and beverage concepts
  • A hands on attitude
  • A sense of diplomacy, the intern will be dealing with undisclosed information that needs to be kept to him or herself
  • Experience with catering and or restaurant businesses
  • No fear for long days
  • The understanding that F&B can happen in the weekend
  • A sense of humor
  • A ‘can do’ attitude
  • A good understanding of the Dutch Language in both speaking and writing
Practical information:
  • Start is ASAP
  • The office is located in Delft
  • The interns workdays are determined in mutual agreement but might include working on weekends
  • The internship allowance is €400,- a month (after taxes)
  • Lunch (and dinner on long workdays) are on the house
  • There are options to stay on board after the internship period when both parties want to move forward.



So this is something for you? Well then give us a call at +31 (0)6 28 62 79 56 or send us an email at info@smokeygoodness.nl