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Binnen ons innovatieve bedrijf zijn we continu op zoek naar verbetering en nieuwe kansen. Dat doen we vooral door samen te werken met jonge enthousiaste medewerkers die bruisen van energie en nieuwe inzichten met zich meebrengen. Daarom bieden wij uitdagende stage plaatsen voor een breed scala aan opleidingen voor Nederlandse en internationale studenten. Bekijk hier onder de vier stageplaatsen die we momenteel bieden.

Food Unplugged 2014

Smokey Goodness:

We are a young catering company storming the bbq scene. After five fun years Smokey Goodness is picking up the pace and hard on its way of becoming the leading brand for authentic bbq food on location. The Smokey Goodness concept is based on three principles: quality, durability and an authentic experience. Quality for us means not taking any short cuts: we work with the best quality products and cook them according to the time consuming low and slow bbq techniques. That this can take up to 16 hours is something we are proud of! We aim to be as sustainable as we can: we cook our free range meats on carefully chosen charcoal and wood, serve it on biodegradable disposables and donate pigs to poor Thai families via our charity With the biggest bbq-smokers, vintage food truck, our unusual cuts of meat, tough bbq-chefs and authentic presentation we strive to give our guests the ultimate bbq experience and with success! Our references give positive chills as you read them. The fact that we are capable of selling 1.000 killo of quality meat in one day at a rock festival helps with credentials to.

Smokey Goodness bbq crewCurrent Situation

In 2016 Smokey Goodness will continue to march down the growth path we have been on since our start in 2010. We recently added two bbq-trailers to our inventory and are finalizing our vintage food truck. This growth is the result of organic growth via the current bbq trend and our growing reputation. After successfully surviving the first 5 years of a startup Smokey Goodness is now ready to enter the next level of business maturity. This means fine-tuning the catering concept and implementing previously created s.o.p.’s for procedures, recipes and work methods laying out a path for future expansion. Next to further developing current activities within the catering segment new ventures lay ahead in the release of BBQ related products and services.

Internship Opportunities

Since Smokey Goodness is still a relative small company the intern can participate within the company in many different ways: participation in sales & marketing, concept development, operational improvements, acting as shift leader during festivals and taming the flames at private events and catering are just a few examples.
Currently Smokey Goodness offers four Internship opportunities each focusing on one of the following core elements:

Sales and Marketing Internship stage
Sales and Marketing Internship: development and execution of a sales and marketing plan helping us improve our sales approach, obtaining set targets and connect with our target market via attractive marketing and communication. Discover more.

Operational Excellence Internship stage
Operational Excellence internship: what does it take to run a business successful in creating value for guests, clients, staff and the bottom line. This internship foccusses on optimizing business processes and the bottom line. Discover more.

Concept Development Internship stage
Concept Development Internship: Develop new and improve the current concepts within our growing hospitality family of brands and businesses. Discove more.

Leadership Excellence Internship stage
Personal Assistant / Leadership Excellence Internship: What does it take to conduct successful entrepreneurship within hospitality, get close to entrepeneur Jord Althuizen and find out. Discover more.

Creating a strategic improvement plan based on one of the previously described elements and implementing the outlined strategy is one part of the intern’s tasks. The other part is to actually go out there and cater along with us. This might mean long hours and hard labor but this is where the action takes place. During festivals where we cater with a large group of staff the Intern will be given a leading position. This means that the intern must be a ‘hands on’ type of person that does not want to be stuck behind his or her computer. Kitchen experience is therefore desired but as long as someone is a bit knife savvy that is already ok.